Tips On Avoiding Split Ends On Natural Hair

Split ends make your hair look messy and unattractive. The hair follicle contains an outer layer that acts as a protective shield for the inner layer. Due to excessive heat and chemical treatment and other stressors, the outer layer flays and leads to split ends, exposing the inner layer of the hair. Keep in mind that hair at the ends is the weakest since it is the oldest and therefore special care should be taken to avoid pushing it beyond the limits.

Avoid excessive and aggressive combing

Of course, you have to brush your hair to style it. However, how you brush or comb your natural hair could determine whether you get split ends. For starters, avoid excessive brushing as it increases the stress and wear on the hair. Also, use a soft brush and a wide-tooth comb when brushing the hair.

Avoid (frequent) heat treatment

If you can, stay away from heat treatment completely. If you have to do it, make it as infrequent as possible. Heat leads to excessive wear and tear of the ends of the hair and is one of the biggest causes of split ends. Make sure that your heat tools are of a good enough quality to avoid excessive heat. If you have to visit a stylist, make sure that you visit one who is a professional since there is greater likelihood that the heat tools and equipment used will be of a good quality.

Moisturize your hair

Moisturizing the hair will strengthen it and provide and an extra layer of protection. When you apply moisturizer, pay particular attention to the ends. It is important that you use quality moisturizer to avoid introducing harsh chemicals to your hair that could increase the hair’s vulnerability.

Check your hair products

Harsh chemicals are yet another cause of split ends. It is important that you consult a professional hair stylist to make sure that the products you use are not harmful to your hair. Whether it is your moisturizer or a shampoo, make sure you check the chemicals used. Sulfates are especially good for natural hair. When in doubt, find a quality brand and stick with it for all your hair products. On the same breath, though it is not necessary a product, keep your natural hair away from chlorine as it dries the hair and makes it more brittle and susceptible to wear.


Maintenance is important but don’t make it too frequent. For those of us who always feel the need to touch, curl, twist and play with our hair, it is important that we let go. In the end, to prevent your hair from getting split ends, you just have to watch your hair maintenance and styling habits and keep them to a minimal.