How To Maintain Your Extension

With good maintenance, your extension should stay for a maximum of 8 weeks. There are a few differences in the weeks depending on the type of extension but the overall maximum should be 8 weeks. Extending the lifespan of your extension is however not the only reason why you should maintain it. A poorly maintained extension could actually damage your natural hair. With the stakes being this high, how then do you care for your extension?


Excessive and aggressive brushing will only lead to breakage and ripping of the hair. A gentle touch is the best option in this case when you decide to brush your extension. Experts will advise on regular brushing but regularly does not mean every other time. You should brush your extension at most twice a day to avoid ripping it all apart. When brushing, start from the bottom and work your way up, detangling it as you go, just as you would your natural hair. However, don’t go as low as the bonds of the extension and make sure you. Also, remember to use a soft brush. When it comes to clip-in extensions, reduce the frequency of brushing since they are considerably more fragile.


When it comes to washing, just as natural hair you may want to avoid salty water ( this also depends on the quality of the hair extensions ), especially on human hair extension since it leads to dryness and breakage. Make sure you use the right kind of shampoo / conditioner on synthetic and human extensions. Confusing the two could lead to damage on the extension so check in with your hairstylist to confirm that you have the right kind of shampoo and conditoner. Again, the frequency of washing should not be excessive, especially as concerns clip-in extensions. Don’t pull on the extension while washing and just flow with the hair, detangling it in the process. Make sure it dries completely before you put it back on, and most especially, don’t sleep with a damp extension or have it all covered up.


When it comes to styling the extension, you have to be gentle to avoid breaking the bonds. While you can style human hair extensions with heat, keep it to a minimum and don’t make a habit of it since this is more likely to cause breakage and split ends. For the synthetic hair extension, check the amount of heat to avoid melting and breaking the hair apart. The heat resistance is considerably higher than that of human hair but it could still damage the extension. Use a soft wide-tooth comb when styling the extension and take note of the entanglements while doing it.


Generally, an extension needs more styling and washing than natural hair depending on the quality of your hair extensions. You should still remove after 8 weeks to avoid going overboard and causing damage to your natural locks.. Ask for tips from your stylist depending on your extension.