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Edge Repair Follicle treatment system


Our Edge Repair Follicle Treatment Complete System to help regrow your damaged edges. This System includes 5 hair repair treatment products to help restart and regrow those hard to grow back edges that have been damaged from:

Wearing braids
Lace wigs
Standard wigs
and Chemical abuse
Edge Repair Follicle Treatment Complete System includes Procapil, a clinically proven new breakthrough herbal formula that strengthens hair and prevents hair loss naturally.

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This 2 month supply kit includes: (1) Edge Repair Follicle Treatment Intensive Night Drops – 2 oz., (1) HydraCleanse Sulfate Free Shampoo – 8 oz., (1) Stimulating Scalp Conditioner – 8 oz., (1) Leave In Botanical Reconstructor – 8 oz., (1) Hair Vitamins PLUS – 60 tabs